Monday, July 30, 2012

Guess who is TWO!!!!

Paxton turned 2 on July 16th! My baby isn't much of a baby anymore.

We are still here!

Its been forever since my last post, I know! We have been so busy this past month. And I am having to write via my phone since we don't have internet yet.

God has blessed us so much! The kids are settling nicely and Michael is winding down after two weeks back to back of camps.

I am adjusting to being a stay at home mom. I love being with my kids everyday but I gotta say that it isn't easy. There has definitely been times that I have missed working, but the good outweighs the bad! Anyway, our life in pictures....

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Getting all situated

We have all of our "stuff" unpacked in our new home, and now we are working on getting ourselves unpacked. Trying to get acquainted with our new town. I have located the closest Wal-Mart (because that is a priority) and we have found shopping. You really don't realize all the things you have to find when you move. I have been trying to find Anna Claire a school for the fall and Paxton a place to go a couple of mornings a week so he can have other kids to play with. As of today, I can mark that one off my list. Next, I need to find the kids a new pediatrician, ourselves a primary physician, and a dentist. Everytime I feel overwhelmed, I stop and remember that God will unpack us. He has us here for a purpose and He will take care of all of our needs.... Even our petty needs like realizing that our bank doesn't have a branch in Louisiana. Overall, enjoying our new home. I won't lie and say that I don't miss our old church, my friends, or my job. I do. I miss all of those things. BUT I can tell you that God is way bigger than my emotions when it comes to that. I will visit in a couple of weeks and I am looking forward to it.

On another note.... Meet Beast. Our new puppy. He loves to play with the kids. He especially likes Paxton's diapers. I am always prying his mouth of them lol.