Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Wednesday!

It is raining!  Yay!  The trees are green again instead of nasty yellow!  Everyone in my house is getting over this allergy mess. 

I was watching Anna Claire play the other day, and I just got sad all of a sudden.  She is growing up so fast and its scary!  The way she is starting to talk is so grown.  I picked her up from daycare yesterday and her teacher told me that she had been acting up that morning.  I am the parent who wants to know when my kids are bad so I ask everyday.  She told me that she wouldn't listen to any of her teachers.  When we were eating supper that night, I asked her about it.  I said, "Anna Claire, did you act ugly at daycare today?"  She looked at me and said, "Probably so" and went back to eating.  :)  I love it.  Its something new everyday with her! 

My Paxton is getting big too!  8 months old!  Jeez, before you know it he'll be making crazy comments like his sister!  He is such a sweetheart!  I can't wait to get my hands on him in the afternoons.  I smother him with kisses!  Michael says he is a mama's boy.  "Probably So."  :) 

Terrible picture quality!
  Its just so much easier to snap quick pictures with my phone
instead of trying to locate my camera.

I hope everyone has a GREAT rest of the week!  I hear its gonna be nice weather this weekend!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Yay! Thank you Jesus!

Michael just got back from the doctor with my little trouble maker.  He has Spring Allergies AND the stomach virus.  We are giving him Singular ( not sure if that is spelled right ) and lots of liquid.  :)  I am happy. 

Michael brought him by the PD on his way home from the doctor's office. 

Here We Go Again!

Happy Monday!  We had a good weekend! It was sunny and the perfect temperature! 

Paxton had his first experience with allergies this past week though.  He woke up Monday morning with green goo all in his eyes ( gross I know ).  I let it go for a couple of days thinking it was an excessive amount of sleep haha!  When it didn't get better, the doctor suggested that we give him some allergy eye drops.  Sure, no problem!  How hard can it be to give an 8 month old eye drops?!?  You would have thought we were killing him.  It was terrible.  After a few times fighting with him, I called the Dr office back and they told me we could give him Zertec for children.  We started him on that Friday.  His eyes have cleared up, but now he is throwing up and is very congested.  SOOO.... as of right this minute, I am waiting on the doctor office to call me back again.  We need Paxton to get well!  Please pray this is a quick fix that doesn't involve us giving him Steriods and lots of breathing treatments. 

On a happier note:

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Another Great Weekend!

Michael and I just celebrated our 5 year Anniversary!  We have a lot to show for being married for only 5 years.  For the past couple of years we haven't really done much besides maybe go eat somewhere, but this year we decided to ship the kids off and get the heck out of here! 

Thursday when I got home from work, Michael had this on the kitchen table for me! 

You may not can tell by the picture, but that is strawberries, pineapple, and grapes!  I loved it!  Anna Claire ate all the grapes though.  :)  This made me smile. 

Friday (which was our anniversary), we kept the kids home from daycare to spend some time with them before we left them with my parents for two nights.  We took them to Brookhaven Friday afternoon.  It was Paxton's first spend the night away from home and he stayed TWO nights!  Anna Claire has never even stayed two nights before.  I didn't cry this time. Yay me!  When we got home, Michael grilled steaks and we watched Inception.  It was nice and quiet. 

We got up early Saturday morning and headed to Memphis!  It was so nice just getting away from home for a couple of days.  Michael and I rarely get any time by ourselves anymore.  We stayed at the Springhill Suites downtown.  It was by far the best hotel we have stayed at.  Good Job Michael!

It rained the whole time we were there on Saturday.  It finally stopped sometime late that afternoon.  We decided to walk to our restaurant. It would have been nice if it wasn't freezing! We ate at the Texas de Brazil restaurant.  It was yummy!  If you've never heard of it, check it out!  If you are okay with spending a pretty penny for a meal, it was well worth it.  BUT if you are a vegetarian, I do not reccomend that you go there.  :) 

When we were done eating, we walked around for a while then headed back to the room.  We decided to see a movie.  Its just one of those things that we don't get to do often.  We saw Unknown.  It was really good!  I can honestly say that I have never been to a theater like the one we went to.  It was the perfect place to take a date.  It was very dark lighting and the lobby was set up like a bistro.  They served wine, cheese, all sorts of desserts, and then your usual movie eats.  Michael and I settled with Diet Coke and a piece of cheese cake. 

Sunday, on our way home, we stopped in Oxford to see Michael's brother.  We went to lunch and visited for a while.  It was nice.  Michael hasn't seen him since Christmas. 

And then we came home to this :)

Yep, I love going BUT I love coming home!  I thank God everyday for my family he has blessed me with.  He gave me a husband that loves the Lord, me, and his kids.  He is a great daddy and I couldn't ask for any better!  Sometimes I think that I don't deserve him.  And he has blessed me with two healthy kids.  They amaze me everyday. 

I want to end this by encouraging everyone to look at this movie trailer!  It is from the writers of Fireproof.  Courageous