Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Experiences

Pax had a new experience with popsicles last Thursday night.  He couldn't figure out how to hold the stick instead of the popsicle itself.  He loved it but hated it.  :) 

Btw, that is grits all over him.  My babies love breakfast dinner. 

Anna Claire is an old pro at eating them.

Along with the popsicle endeavor, Pax also learned how to eat with a spoon.  I can't really remember when Anna Claire started eating with a spoon, but I know it was before Paxton.  He is LAZY.  I think he did pretty well until we noticed the spaghetti on Jasper's back later that night (Jasper is the dog).

Annnndddd just because she is cute:

I had a new experience with experimenting on making a "semi" healthy Chocolate and Strawberry Trifle.  It was very tasty if i do say so myself. 

You'll need:

Sugar Free Pillsbury Cake Mix
Family Size Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding Mix (Instant)
Large tub of Sugar Free Cool Whip ( sometimes I can't find the sugar free so I get Lite )
Strawberries ( I used the frozen and put a couple of teaspoons of splenda in with them )

Start With:

Love love love Pillsbury for making a sugar free cake mix. 

You follow the directions on the box and bake your cake.  I just did mine in a 9X13

Let it cool.  Feel free to nibble... I did :).  Then take a big bowl ( I used a punch bowl ), and tear half the cake apart. 

I then layered half of the Chocolate Pudding on top of the cake.  Next, layer the strawberries on top of that (I just sliced mine), and finally the cool whip.  Then REPEAT!  ANNNNDDDDD:

I am so not a chef but it was so good! :) 

And just because she is so adorable:

And him too:

I also made a pot roast Saturday and let it cook all night.  Sunday lunch was YUMMM.

Okay, one more of her because she is my big girl that will be THREE next month!

Oh yea and this:

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!! 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Homecoming week :)

***Disclaimer:  This post has tons of pictures... You have been forewarned.***

Happy Monday...  I think.  I feel like I am coming down from a rush.  Last week was a blur.  So much stuff going on!  Thank goodness for cameras! 

I want to start off with this:

Seriously people!  I have a princess on my hands!

Everytime I turned around she had a Pixie Stix. 

Getting ready

Anna Claire loved Hannah's dress :)

One happy mama

Pax woke up from his afternoon nap to cheer big sis on!

She thinks she is just as big

This is what she did the entire time she was out there.  Rubbing Hannah's dress

They had their Homecoming parade Thursday night and I must say it looked mighty nice.  I guess the judges thought so too because Anna Claire's class won.  I never thought I would get this excited over a parade float. 

Friday, I got in the fall baking mood.  I put chili in the crockpot and made some Pumpkin Spice Cookies with Cream Cheese Icing.  Oh yes.... It was delicious.

It was all I could do not to eat the batter!

Tada!  My finished product!  And they were YUMMY

Since I was in the baking mood.  I decided that some old fashion Rice Krispy Treats were in order and I had a "two pushing three year old" that would just LOVE to help me.

She was so proud of her Rice "Kriplies"

I know that I am way out of order here but that is just how my mind is working today... out of order.  They had different themes last week for Homecoming.  I managed to get Hero Day, Senior Citizen Day, and T Shirt Day captured by camera.

She went as a police officer for Hero Day.  We stole her daddy's work gear. 

Pretty good old lady!

T-Shirt Day

I hope everyone has a good week!  I am hoping for SLOW and CALM. I need to a few weeks of down time.  I am hoping to take the kiddos to a pumpkin patch this weekend.  Last year we painted pumpkins... this year we will do the real deal!  Can't wait!