Friday, March 30, 2012

My Little Beauty

Last Friday Anna Claire was in a pageant at her school.  All those little girls were just precious!  :o)  I am a bit partial though. 

Sorry for so many pictures :)  I am a proud mama.  I need to add a little side note here:  I HATE PAGEANTS.  There.  I am  probably labeled as a mean person.. (ha ha) I always said that I will not make my child do pageants unless they ask to do one, but its something about having a little girl that makes me want to dress her all up.  Anna Claire was so excited about her dress and being fussed over.  She did really well until she was tired of us fixing her hair, tired of smiling for pictures, and tired of being told what to do.  And you know what?  I was tired too!  In the end though, it was worth it.  Looking at her pictures, she was a doll.  I appreciate her teachers more than anything.  I have seen Anna Claire grow so much this school year.  Moving her to kindergarten early was the best possible move we could have made.  God knows exactly what he is doing... even in the small things... like school.

Thank you God for always leading us in the right direction.  Even though we push back... We always end up where we need to be. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! 

I promise to include Paxton in my next post :O)  I just want to focus on my Anna Claire today. 

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."  Jeremiah 29:11

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's Spring! I Don't Care What the Groundhog Said!

It's a nice 80 degrees outside and has been for a couple of weeks now.  LOVE IT!  The kids are dressing in shorts and flip flops and we are sleeping with the air conditioner on. 

We have been busy as usual. 

My sister came up Saturday morning and we took the kids to the Children's Museum so Michael could sleep in peace. :o)

I don't have many pictures of Anna Claire at the Muesum because she wouldn't stay still.  They had so much fun but were exhausted.  Anna Claire wanted "Meximen" for lunch afterwards.  They could hardly hold their heads up.

Spring Break was last week and I have decided that it is not fun being stuck at work while the weather is beautiful and Anna Claire is out of school.  She had a good week though.  She hung out with her daddy Monday and Tuesday.  On Wednesday, she stayed with Michael's Meme and Papaw.  Thursday she was with Michael's mom and dad, and on Friday morning she stayed with his parents again.  They took her fishing.

 I took off at lunch to play with her :) We had lunch with a friend and went shopping.  She didn't hang with me very long though :o)

While we were at Wal-Mart, I decided to let her pick out some flowers to pot.  I was suprised she was as interested as she was.  She picked out yellow and red flowers and she even matched the pots. 

I would like to encourage all of you to check out the (In)Courage wesbite.  They are hosting a conference April 27 and 28.  You can either join a meetup or you can watch from the comfort of your own home... They are bringing this conference to you... where you are.  No need to pack your clothes, buy an expensive plane ticket... just grab some friends or yourself and enjoy from your living room.  I am so excited about this!  I have a hard time planning anything that involves travel or a lot of money.  This is a great way to connect with women from all over the country AND world.  Love this idea!  Thanks so much (In)Courage!

I hope everyone has a great week!  Enjoy the sun!  Enjoy the blooming flowers!  Enjoy all the blessings that God has given us through Spring!

Pax learning how to swing like a big boy

Love this girl and her love for being outside

My baby girl and crazy sister!  She loves her Aunt Molly!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Back to Reality

Michael and I went to Memphis last Friday for the Winter Jam concert.  It was awesome.  When we got there and saw all of the youth that were there, I felt bad we didn't bring ours.  :o) It was nice to get away just the two of us though.... even though I missed ALL of our kids. 

For King and Country

Building 429

Sanctus Real

And... Skillet 

There were a ton of other people there too.  I forgot I even had my camera with me...

I missed taking pictures of Newsong... Seriously... this was the best ever!! 

We stayed at the Hilton in Memphis.  We tried to book too late and there wasn't anything downtown available.  No problem... who wouldn't want to stay at the Hilton?  

 Hilton Memphis Hotel, Memphis, TN - Hotel exterior
I felt under dressed as soon as I walked in the lobby.  Everyone was wearing dressy clothes and were on their phones.  It was very businessy ( I know it isn't a word ). 

I really wanted to play in that water fountain... Michael wouldn't let me.  I guess he was afraid I would embarrass him haha.

I think we figured out why everyone was dressed up though... The Dental Congress was meeting that weekend.  Ha Ha!

6 Years on March 4th. :o)  (Michael refuses to take a decent picture)

I missed my kiddos while we were gone... my mom sent me a couple of pictures of Anna Claire...

This girl loves her some Lion King.

So Michael and I go away for ONE night and this is what is being taught... tsk tsk... :)

Sunday lunch consisted of pizza for us.. Anna Claire not a huge fan of pizza but this big boy Loves it!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!