Monday, April 11, 2011

A Two Year Old's Mouth

The past few weeks, we have been noticing how Anna Claire's vocabulary has expanded.  She says things that makes us do a double take sometimes.  For instance...  She is fascinated with moles for some odd reason.  She loves pointing them out, no matter who you are.  She likes one on Michael's neck in particular.  She'll say, " You gotta mold right there."  (Yes I meant to spell "mold." )  Michael will say, " Do you have a mole?"  She then pulls up her shirt and says, "No, I gotta a nipple."  Dear Lord, what will I do with my child? 

She also has an awesome memory that can be a bad thing sometimes.  For instance... She loves gum.  I am going to blame that one on Michael.  :)  We let her try it a couple of times and she swallows it.  We stopped giving to her after that.  When she asks for it, we say that we're out.  She always comes back with, " You went to the store to get gum?"  Yea, we're gonna have to come up with something better. 

We are going to the beach the first week in May and we are so excited!  Anna Claire has been talking nonstop about it.  " We goin to the beach.  Gonna see dolphins.  Gonna ride a boat."  I think she is going to have a blast this year!  I am really excited about taking Paxton too.  I was pregnant last year when we went.  We are staying in a house this year instead of a condo.  I think we'll have more room. 

We had a great weekend!  Friday, Michael grilled turkey burgers and vegetable kabobs.  It was yummy!  His parents came by for a visit and we went to bed early!  Great Friday night and I mean that seriously!  :) 

Saturday morning, my parents came and picked up AC and Pax around 8:30.  I loaded up and ran to Dollar Tree and Wal-Mart to do some grocery shopping and finish up Easter basket happies.  I needed to pot some plants that the kids planted at daycare too.  Dollar Tree had the perfect little pots that I got to plant them.  We'll see if they sprout something.  I do not have a green thumb.  I am trying though :) .  When Michael got off work that afternoon, we met some friends at P.F. Changs.  It was so good!  My favorite restaurant.  We went by Smoothie King instead of Maggie Moos on the way home.  Yay us for being healthy!  We ended our date night by watching "Let Me In."  NOT good.  Don't waste your time.  It was a great night though!!!

Sunday, I woke up sick.  I guess it was my turn to get a cold.  I stayed in bed until after ten.  I missed church :(  We were talking about the 7 Principles to a Priceless Marriage and I missed the last principle.  I started feeling a little better after I stirred around a little.  When Michael got home we went to Brookhaven to eat lunch and pick the babies up.  My sister moved in her new house last week so we went up and looked at it.  She has it fixed up soo cute!  We are just so proud for her!  We got home late that afternoon.  The kids ate waffles and apple sauce and watched Robin Hood.  Yep, it was a good weekend! 

Look at my baby!!!! He is killing his mama!  Growing way too fast!

Please remember my friend Michelle and her husband Jerry in your prayers.  Jerry's father passed away last week.  They are expecting their first baby in June, and I just can't imagine having to loose a parent during this time. 

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