Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Wednesday!

It is raining!  Yay!  The trees are green again instead of nasty yellow!  Everyone in my house is getting over this allergy mess. 

I was watching Anna Claire play the other day, and I just got sad all of a sudden.  She is growing up so fast and its scary!  The way she is starting to talk is so grown.  I picked her up from daycare yesterday and her teacher told me that she had been acting up that morning.  I am the parent who wants to know when my kids are bad so I ask everyday.  She told me that she wouldn't listen to any of her teachers.  When we were eating supper that night, I asked her about it.  I said, "Anna Claire, did you act ugly at daycare today?"  She looked at me and said, "Probably so" and went back to eating.  :)  I love it.  Its something new everyday with her! 

My Paxton is getting big too!  8 months old!  Jeez, before you know it he'll be making crazy comments like his sister!  He is such a sweetheart!  I can't wait to get my hands on him in the afternoons.  I smother him with kisses!  Michael says he is a mama's boy.  "Probably So."  :) 

Terrible picture quality!
  Its just so much easier to snap quick pictures with my phone
instead of trying to locate my camera.

I hope everyone has a GREAT rest of the week!  I hear its gonna be nice weather this weekend!

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