Monday, March 21, 2011

Here We Go Again!

Happy Monday!  We had a good weekend! It was sunny and the perfect temperature! 

Paxton had his first experience with allergies this past week though.  He woke up Monday morning with green goo all in his eyes ( gross I know ).  I let it go for a couple of days thinking it was an excessive amount of sleep haha!  When it didn't get better, the doctor suggested that we give him some allergy eye drops.  Sure, no problem!  How hard can it be to give an 8 month old eye drops?!?  You would have thought we were killing him.  It was terrible.  After a few times fighting with him, I called the Dr office back and they told me we could give him Zertec for children.  We started him on that Friday.  His eyes have cleared up, but now he is throwing up and is very congested.  SOOO.... as of right this minute, I am waiting on the doctor office to call me back again.  We need Paxton to get well!  Please pray this is a quick fix that doesn't involve us giving him Steriods and lots of breathing treatments. 

On a happier note:

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