Monday, September 12, 2011

White Dresses and Marshmallows

I am having to remind myself that God made Mondays too because today has not been great.  Nothing bad in particular just not great.  Anyway, since I last posted... I have great news!  Anna Claire was chosen to be a flower girl in the her school's homecoming!  I know that is small news to some people, but I am soo excited!  This is why I wanted to have a girl in the first place!  So, of course I called my mama to help me find a dress!  And here is what we found:

I am well aware she is rotten :)  And here is one that we just tried on "just because."
I am loving her new "cheese." 
I took the kiddos to Brookhaven Friday night to spend the night with my parents, and I spent the night with my sister.  I had some coupons from Bath and Body Works so of course we went and did a little shopping.

I seriously LOVE these fragrances, Apple Crumble and Leaves! 
These two were a pleasant surprise, Marshmallow Fireside and Mint Chocolate.  I wanted to eat my house!
Anna Claire is into candy corn this year, and I found the CUTEST candy holders for them!
It was such a beautiful day Saturday!!!  We played outside and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows ( I think my new candle got me in the mood ).
I got the cutest video of my two kiddos!  These are the moments that I am so glad that I have two!
Oh!  I almost forgot!  We are doing Supper on Wednesday night at the church to raise money for the youth's trip to Gatlinburg in December.  It was such a success!  Pray that we continue to do well with these suppers and other fund raisers that we are doing! 
Have a happy week! 
(Seriously?  How cute are these?!)

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  1. cute, extremely cute!!! love all of the photos. beautiful children. Hugs