Thursday, January 13, 2011

I just want ONE cupcake!

Okay, Obviously these are not the cupcakes that I made last night... BUT  it doesn't change the fact that I am sitting here trying to refrain from eating a cupcake!!  As some of you know, I am trying to loose all this extra weight that magically appeared after I had Anna Claire and then grew again when I had Paxton.  I will admit that I was NOT motivated at all until one day I decided that enough was enough!  I am going to the achieve medical weightloss center in Flowood.  Yep, I guess you can call it cheating.  Cheating or not, since the week BEFORE Thanksgiving I have lost 22 pounds!  Woohoo!!!  I haven't allowed myself to cheat.... much.  With Thanksgiving and Christmas and NewYear's I do not need this delicious looking cupcake.  Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to bring them to work.  I am still tempted! 

Yes, this is a PINK walker!  Anna Claire never used her's
and we decided not to get Paxton one.  Well, He likes
it ALOT.  Oh well, as long as we don't post too many pictures,
maybe he won't be too upset with me putting him in a
pink walker when he gets older :)

Sorry about the quality of my pictures. They were taken with my phone.  One day, when money starts to grow on trees, I am gonna get an awesome camera!  My two digital cameras that I have now are not great ones :) 

We hope that everyone has a Terrific Thursday and a Fun Friday!

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  1. 22 pounds is awesome...way to go! I keep telling myself that breastfeeding will burn all of the weight off after I have Jack--my mom thinks that is the funniest thing that I really believe that!