Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Little Behind .......... BUT........ Happy Six Months, Paxton!!!!

Happy SIX months to my baby boy!!!  I can't believe he is already half a year old!  Seriously?  Did it go by that fast?!  I think it is going by faster than it did with Anna Claire.  It seems like July 16th wasn't that long ago.  I don't know what happened!  I do know that it has been a great 6 months!  He is growing so much.  He has two teeth and is sitting up.  He seems to be progressing a little faster than his big sister did.  That may be because she was a preemie.  He is scooting around on his belly, not crawling, just scooting.  :)  Its just so cute!  I will admit that I was not just thrilled about having a boy. I had no idea what to do with one.  I know girls.  Not boys.  But this little guy has me wrapped so tight.  I go to mush anytime he looks at me with those big blue eyes and gives me that pouty lip.  I guess its the same way Michael felt with Anna Claire.  He wasn't thrilled about having a little girl and now he is completely smitten.  Here are a few pictures from my phone of my 1/2 a year old sugar pie!

And.... Speaking of Anna Claire.  She is doing good. She had the flu this week.  Yep, not fun!  We were told that the flu shots weren't working for Strand B, which is the one that 95% of people are getting sick with, so we opted out of getting the shot this year.  And well, She has the Flu Strand B.  Michael and I have never had the flu so I didn't even know what symptoms to look for.  We thought she had an ear infection.  I felt bad when they said it was the Flu.  She probably had it for a couple of days before I took her to the doctor.  She is a trooper though!  She never really acts as sick as she is.  She is much better now thank goodness!  I am ready for spring so bad!  Go away Winter!!!! and take all the  germs with you!

I am having a hard time getting her to stand or sit still for pictures. 
 She is really tired of me snapping them all the time. 
So, the pictures I have are action shots that look terrible.  I apologize.


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