Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy 10 months Paxton!

Happy 10 Months to my Paxton! 

I can't believe he will be a year in two months!  Both of my babies are growing way to fast.

Unfortunatley, we had to spend him turning 10 months in the doctor's office.  Poor little guy has two ear infections.  I was so thankful that they just gave him a shot this time instead of putting him on a ten day antibiotic.  He is feeling much better today! 

He is such a stinker.  He is crawling and getting into everything now.  Anna Claire wasn't much of a explorer.  We have to constantly chase after him.  Michael's poor speakers have been knocked off the coffee table too many times to count.  I have a tray with rocks and candles under my coffee table that has been there since before Anna Claire was a born.  She never messed with it.  Needless to say, that tray has a new home on my dining room table.... way out of Paxton's reach. 
The above picture is a small example of a typical Paxton mess. 
His first chocolate chip cookie! 
He apparently thought it was very interesting. 
We got brave enough to give him a white chocolate covered Oreo for dessert last night.  Michael and I argued about who was going to give him a bath.  I won :)  but I did have to peel his shirt off of him. 
Him and his sister play so well together, but he is starting to get on her nerves a little bit.  He pulls her hair and eats her colors.  He was in her room a few nights ago watching a movie and she told Michael that he was getting on her nerves.  Bless her heart.  This is just the beginning I am afraid. 
Speaking of Anna Claire...  my baby girl is 100% potty trained!  For three weeks now!  Yay!  We get so excited about this.  A big accomplishment as a parent in my book! 
Lastly, we had an awesome weekend!  For the kids and I at least.  Michael had to work all weekend.  :(  I loaded the kids up and took them to Brookhaven Friday night.  My cousin Amy, my sister Molly, Anna Claire and I went to a friend's house to get some feathers. 
  Amy's feathers
My Feathers
Anna Claire's feathers.
Anna Claire loves it!  She calls it her tiger and doesn't like me to wash her hair.  She tells people that it will bite them if they touch it.  Haha! 

AC and Pax spent the night at my parents.  Amy and I stayed at Molly's house.  It was a lot of fun!  I don't remember the last time that I stayed a night away from the kids and Michael.  Saturday night, Michael and I met some cousins and friends to eat supper and had a great time!  There is nothing like Mexican food and icecream for dessert. :)  Sunday, we went to church and just relaxed the rest of the day.  Can't wait for another Friday! 
I hope everyone has a great week! 

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