Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sickness, Head Trauma, A Little Football, and Everything Else

Its a gorgeous Tuesday!  It's hard to believe its February with weather like this.  I do recall last February though.  There were some similar days.... as I was reminiscing, I found this :)

Those were taken last February.  Unfortunatly, its been rainy so far this month so we haven't been outside much. 

We have had a an array of things going on since my last post.  Let's see.... Anna Claire got the stomach bug (or so we think).  I got a phone call from one of her precious teachers.  She had been sick to her stomach and throwing up.  I took her to the doctor since Strep had been going around.  She was complaining that her head and throat were hurting so I just assumed that is what we were dealing with.  They tested her for Strep and Flu, and she had neither.  Good news... It's just that she was running fever with it and that bothered me.  She stayed home with Michael on Thursday.  She should have gone back to school on Friday, but we kept her out one more day.  She spent the day with me.  I like her being home with me every now and then.  She is so grown. 

Our little photo shoot:

She is so sensitive.  Last night, we had left overs from the Super Bowl party.  Anna Claire wanted rotel dip so I put her some in a bowl and I did the same for Pax.  They did good for a while until Paxton decided he would rather have Sissy's dip.  She didn't like it.  She grabbed the bowl away from him and it made him cry.  She started wailing with him.  Michael and I just looked at each other.  She then decided she needed to comfort him.  She patted his arm and tried to hug him.  Of course, Paxton jerked away and said, "No!"  Bless her heart... that started another crying fiasco. 

Paxton has had his share of incidents this weekend too.  He decided he needed to pull a lamp off the table.  The lamp is fine... his head caught the brunt of it.  It was not enough to go to the ER though... Thank you Jesus.  We just put some liquid bandage on it.  How in the world?!?!?  Paxton!  A lamp?  Seriously?!  But... he is soo handsome!  Don't you think?

(pre hair cut)

(It's about time)


My latest Pinterst recipe...

ok, so they don't look like their's but it was still so good!

I made this too.  I just took this picture while it was baking in the oven.  It was lovely too. :)

I saw this recipe for Brownies and you substitute all the ingredients for Diet Coke.  Yea, we didn't care for it too much.... It was real gummy and tasted like a chocolate Diet Coke.  I think I will stick with my Strawberry Cake and 7-Up. 

Anna Claire and I made a Wal-Mart run this weekend and came across some awesome clearance dresses for next winter!





Yes ma'am!  This mama likes a good deal!

Sunday, we had our Super Bowl Party at church for the youth.  It was a lot of fun.  I thank God daily for allowing us to be apart of this church and its community.  :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week!  I know we are getting excited about Disciple Now coming up at the end of the month!  Please us in your prayers as we prepare for this weekend.  Happy Tuesday!

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