Monday, December 13, 2010

It's Official! Not Flip Flop Weather Anymore!

One thing I love about living in Mississippi:  You can wear flip flops well past summer!  Not this weekend though!  It is FREEZING!  I am not complaining though.  Its December... its supposed to be freezing! 

With that said, we had a great weekend... INSIDE!  We were planning on taking Anna Claire to look at Christmas lights Friday night, but since Paxton is sick we stayed in.  Our night consisted of McAlisters and going to bed early.  Saturday morning, Michael went to work at the PD and my parents came up to see the babies.  I was so thankful too because I was able to go to Wal-mart ALONE and get all of my grocery shopping done.  Sunday, my sister came and hung out with us for a while.  We opted out of going to church for the second Sunday in a row since Paxton is still sick. When Michael got home from working his church detail, I went to a paint party at my friend Shannon's house. It was a blast!  I am not an artist at all, but it was nice to just hang out with the girls for a few hours without hearing "mommy" all afternoon.  :) 

Isn't my artwork lovely?! Just Kidding!
When I got home from painting, Michael and I made cookies with Anna Claire.  It was fun and very messy!  I think she ate more cookie dough than we baked cookies.

The beginning of a royal mess.

I think the pan got more sprinkles than the cookies did. 

She had a blast!
My pumpkin is feeling MUCH better!

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