Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Paxton!

Hey guys!  Happy Hump Day! 

We had a great weekend!  I took off work on Friday and Monday.  We had a lot of stuff going on this weekend.  Thursday night the kiddos spent the night with Michael's parents so we could go out with some friends!  Friday we WERE going to sleep late.  It is very rare that both of us are off of work on the same day and even rarer that we don't any reason to get up at six in the morning.  With that said, I woke of at six o'clock on the dot and went and walked.  It's official! I can no longer sleep late!  At least Michael got to sleep in a little. 

Saturday was my baby Paxton's birthday!  WOW!!!  He is ONE!  I thought it pasted by fast with Anna Claire.  With Pax, it has flown! 

We fixed a big birthday breakfast and open presents.  Anna Claire is doing very well with realizing that it is Paxton's birthday and not hers.  She is a smart little booger.  After breakfast, we got dressed up and drove two and a half hours to my cousin's wedding. It was beautiful!  Btw, weddings are NOT easy with little ones.  Paxton wanted to holler out when it was dead quiet and Anna Claire was upset because there were no pictures in the hymnals.  We spent the majority of the wedding watching from outside the sanctuary.  Anna Claire kept telling me that the bride was beautiful!  I wish I would have taken pictures!  :( 

Congratulations Alicia and Micah!

Sunday, after church, we headed to Pax's second birthday party with Michael's family.  It was great!  Outside in July... in Mississippi... I was scared.  It actually was not that bad!  It was a very pleasant day :)  I didn't take that many pictures since Michael's aunt was taking them.  She is a much better photographer that I am!  I stink at taking pictures!  When she gets me a copy of the disk, I will share more with you.

Suzanne and I were roommates in college and we have stayed friends ever since!
She had April a couple of months after Pax was born. :) Don't you just want to
eat those legs!?
And last but not least:
This is one tuckered out little princess :)

I hope everyone has a great rest of the week!  Hopefully I will have some exciting news to share with everyone on Monday!  NOOOO I am not pregnant!!!!! :) 

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