Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July is here too fast!

Hey guys!  I know I know its been like three weeks since I last posted.  I have no excuses.  Well, not any good ones at least.  I have been very forgetful lately.  It was kinda funny at first.  I may not can remember if I put conditioner in my hair, and I end up having to wash it twice.  Then it gets annoying like when I get to work and realize that I have Paxton's juice sitting on the front seat.  Jeez.  My mom seems to think its part of being a mama of two small kids.  I can laugh it off until I FORGET to pay the car insurance and have to spend 30 minutes on my lunch hour pleading to the lady that I am sorry and to please have mercy on this forgetful state that I am in.  Thank goodness, she did.  The good news is that I remembered that I put conditioner in my hair this morning! Yay!  Maybe I am getting better!  :)

My lovely little diva princess has decided that taking pictures is not her thing.  She avoids me as soon as I pull out my phone or camera.  She HATES pictures.  I got TWO pictures of her the last three weeks!  That's it!  And those are only because we were in a restaurant and she couldn't run away. 

This coming weekend is Paxton's first birthday party!  I am so excited!  I think we are prepared.  I have been to Party City and spent way too much money, but we are going to have a blast.  We have been trying to explain to Anna Claire that Paxton is going to be 1 and he is going to have a party with cake and presents.  We asked her what she thought about all that.  She said (with a smile) that "Anna Claire is gonna open presents too."  How in the world do you tell a two year old that its someone else's birthday with out hurting her feelings?  We thought that maybe we can let her help Paxton open presents.  But she is a smart cookie.  I think she would know that a dump truck isn't for her.  Ha ha. Should we get her a "happy" so she will have something to open? 

Have a happy week everyone!  I can't wait to post pictures of his party!

My baby boy loves pictures!  For the time being.  I am sure eventually he will end up like his big sister and hide from me.  I will enjoy it while it lasts!


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