Friday, July 8, 2011

Its a rare thing...

It is oh so rare and the picture is blurry!  BUT  I managed to get my "I'm NOT smiling no matter what you do" daughter to give me a few smiles last night!  Yay!  Yes, I did just pat myself on the back. 
Okay, this one is seriously blurry but she had an awesome grin!  I carry my phone with me all the time so I am snapping pictures like crazy! 
She loves her some jewelry! She would wear a whole arm full of bracelets if we would let her.  I let her wear one to daycare everyday and she knows when she gets there she has to put it in her cubby.
Here we are showing off her "collection." 
*** And lets not forget about little brother, who makes himself perfectly at home in his sister's room.***
Look at him digging!  Such a boy!  He terrorizes her stuff.  We try to make him play in his room but he crawls up the hall to Anna Claire's room and pulls books off the shelf and tears heads off of Barbies.  We know he is in there when Anna Claire hollers "Come get him!"  :) 
On another subject...  I am trying to figure out a hobby that I am good at.  So far, I am coming up empty handed.  I am not good at taking pictures or baking.  I HATE couponing!  I tried it and would rather pay full price than deal with the headache.  I can't draw or create anything at all.  I can't grow pretty flowers.  Jeez!  What is left?!  Oh well, I am still hunting!
Have a Happy Friday!

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  1. Your kids are SO super cute. Oh my goodness : ) I love her little smiles. And those bracelets! Awesome! : ) How fun to get to pick a hobby! There are so many great things out there. Maybe go to Michaels craft store and walk the aisles and see if anything catches your eye. Good luck!