Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ahhhh.... Another Week!

Hi there!  Tuesday is about to be over.  I can say that it was a better day than Monday!  I am definitely ready for Wednesday though!  The middle of the week!  Everything is down hill from there! 

What have we been up to?  Let's see....

1.)  We got moved in!  Yay!  There are still boxes everywhere though!  I have located my hair brush ( it was lost for two days)  and we have found socks!  Michael's mom and dad took Wednesday and Thursday to help him and they pretty much got everything over there!  That was a blessing!  Saturday, since Michael had to work, I had lots of "help" from the kids. 

Yes I had to use the gate!  I caught him eating dog food a couple of times :)
I turned Blues Clues on for Anna Claire and she was very content to let me unpack some boxes.
They were exhausted after "helping."
2.)  Michael had his first full week as the student pastor at our new church home!  I love to see him so happy!  I haven't been able to spend much time with him in the past couple of weeks though.  Between moving, ball games, and just work in general there hasn't been much sitting around time.  Not complaining though! I am just happy that God has opened this door for our family! 

3.)  Anna Claire is now officially a kindergartner.  :(  and :)  We made the decision ( sort of spur of the moment) to send her to 3K a little early and get her started with learning.  She just hasn't been happy at the daycare and we decided to make this move.  I am super excited!  She loves her teacher and her classroom.  Everyone please just keep her in your prayers.


I hope everyone has a great rest of the week! 

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