Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Its only Tuesday?!

Its Tuesday....  it feels like we've already completed a whole week.  My body is in need of a recharge.  Too bad the weekend is THREE DAYS AWAY! 

Let me start out by saying that I am truly truly blessed.  God has given me an amazing husband who works all the time to make sure we are well taken care of.  He has blessed me with two healthy children ( if you don't count asthma and ear infections) that for the most part are well behaved :).  I also have an amazing job that understands that family comes first and allows me to make numerous trips to the day care to see about my two year screaming in the office because she didn't want to go potty. 

With that said, this has not been a good week and its ONLY TUESDAY!  Anna Claire is not adjusting well to the 3K room.  We have no clue what is upsetting her so bad.  All I know is that she is fine when I leave and thirty minutes later we are getting a phone call.  We are giving her time, but I don't know what will happen.  I do know that we can't keep going like we are going.  She is only 2 so maybe she wasn't ready.  I don't know. 

On top of worrying about Anna Claire, we are trying to move.  Moving STINKS.  Well, let me rephrase... moving stinks with a one year old and a two year old.  I get off at five and go home to pack a box.  That is about all I get done haha!  Our goal is to be completely moved by Thursday.  That is a high goal! :) 

We took Paxton to the doctor last Thursday and he has another ear infection.  They finally referred us to an ENT.  He went Friday and I am happy to report that he is getting tubes on August 18th!!! Yay!  Some people look at me crazy because I am happy about tubes, but when your baby has had an infection every month this summer....  I can only imagine what this winter will be like on top of Asthma.  So we are excited that hopefully this will be a solution. 

I hate to make this a negative post, but I have been wanting to vent and put it in the form of prayer requests.  :)

Anna Claire's reward for being a good girl is getting to take a bubble bath in mama's tub!
Anna Claire's room in the new house!  Yes, that is a castle painted on the wall and yes she loves it :)

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