Monday, August 15, 2011

I can almost feel Fall!!!!

Happy Marvelous Monday!!!!

Yea, I am a little overly excited about this Monday.  No particular reason why, just happy.  Anna Claire is happy in her new school, Paxton is healthy ( I think it has something to do with us not having carpet in the new house ), Michael is excited about his new job, and I am excited about FALL!  I am ready for mums, pumpkin pies, Yankee Candle's new fragrance Pumpkin Buttercream , high school football games, too cold for shorts and tanks but too warm for sweater weather!!!!  Yay!!  With this said.... I was given some pears last week and was wondering what I could do (semi healthy) with them.  Sooooo.....

I peeled them, cut them, and simmered them in a little smart balance butter and Splenda. 
Then I rolled them in reduced fat croissant rolls :)  Okay, I said SEMI Healthy not 100%.  They were sooo yummy!  I think I want to try them with apples or peaches. 
I think that the smell of pears cooking and the fact that Michael and I went to a high school football game Friday night sparked my "fall fever."
Oh and a bucket of Okra and Cucumbers that a friend of mine gave us :)  Paxton loved playing with them, haha!
Speaking of Pax, he will have tubes put in his ears on Thursday!  Maybe I should be sad that he will have a mini procedure... but I am not.  I am thankful.  I do not want him to have to go through the winter that we had last time. 
He loves to "help" with laundry while mama gets dressed.
Oh yea, so Anna Claire LOVES her new school!  She stayed on green light all week and got a Winnie the Pooh puzzle out of the treasure chest Friday.  Michael and I went and bought her a back pack Friday night.  :)  She is a big girl!
And.... I know its about a month late BUT I have some pictures from Paxton's 2nd 1st birthday party ( ok that was confusing ) and yea, there is a lot :)
I told you there were a lot!
And I will leave you with this.... even though my morning started off like this:
It ended up with me thinking about this all day:
fall tree
Have a great week!!!!

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  1. What a lovely post,
    #1 the pears yummmm.
    #2 The tubes, I do hope they will help. Two of our grandchildren have had them in the past and it has helped them both.
    #3 love all of the photos.
    #4 yeah for Fall, although there is no sign of it here. Should be about 90 degrees today
    #5 leaving some ♥ on your blog and wanted to tell you that we are voting for the new book club book today!
    Big Hugs!