Monday, August 29, 2011

No Time to Slow Down!

Hey guys! Quick Monday post.  I will be back tomorrow with another.  We have back to school night tonight so I am of course going to take some pictures of Ms Anna Claire at her school. :) 

Had a great weekend!  All weekend are great!  We went to eat with Michael's parents Friday night.  Anna Claire chose "Meximen."  She likes the cheese dip.  Then we went to Yogn Frut afterwards.  We love that place!  I like the fact that its semi healthier than regular ice cream.  I like watermelon :)  Anna Claire put strawberry ice cream with m&ms and sour gummy bears.  NASTY!  To each his own I guess.

Saturday morning, my parents picked the kids up for the weekend.  I was able to clean the house (not fun) and then go shopping (way fun) with my friend, Misti.  FYI, I found the best lip balm ever!!! Its by Josie Maran.
We went to a pancake dinner at the school for the ladies basketball team.  I love pancakes for dinner!  Then for the first time in a month, Michael and I actually sat down and watched a movie. 
We have been go go go.  I don't think we have even sat down for a meal at our new house.  That will change tonight.  Its just tacos but we will sit together and eat. :)
Good Morning!!
My big girl!
I told y'all it would be short :) 
Have a happy Monday!!!!

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